Eco Grease Injection Head Assembly

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The RMZ Grease Injection Head consist of two major sub-assemblies, the Stuffing box and Line Wiper and the flowtube assembly.

The hydraulic stuffing box is designed to pack-off on a stationary wireline by means of a pack-off rubber, the hydraulic line wiper will wipe excess grease from a moving wireline.

The concentric flow tube assembly is made up of an inner flow tube sized to fit tightly around the wireline and an outer sleeve to support the assembly. When entering a well under pressure, viscous grease is injected into the flow tubes at a pressure greater than the existing well pressure. The grease fills the annular space between the inner wall of the flow tube and the outside surface of the wireline, forming a liquid seal that contains the well fluids while allowing wireline movement.

Features & Benefits

• Pin thread connection at bottom
• Tulip guide at top
• Line size kit to match different wire size available.
• Available in 5,000, 10,000 & 15,000 psi working pressure.
• Available in H2S & Standard service.
• Bottom Connection can be mated to a quick union, or a ball check valve/tool catcher combination.
• Come with 2 grease injection port.
• Range of flowtube quantity and size available

Technical details for equipment ordering:

• Bottom Connection, wire size, number of flow tube and flow tube id
• Pressuring rating, Service, Temperature class, Product specification level.

1.  All surface pressure control equipment is manufactured and certified to API6A, SI1996/913 and NACE MR-01-75 (for H2S rated equipment). This equipment comes with full certification / Documentation, Operational / maintenance Procedure, Aluminium thread protectors and is painted to client colour specification.