WL Combi Debris Removal Tool

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RMZ Oilfield Engineering Pte Ltd

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Singapore – 638985

+(65) 6265 4972

The RMZ Wireline Combi Debris Removal Bailer tool, is a multifunctional hybrid tool design to perform the work of Cutter, Start Bit, indexing tool and Bailer simultaneously, thus reduce the operation timing and Work load.


•  To remove the scale, corrosion and other material from the inner surface and to take out of the

Features & Benefits:

•  Multi-functional and rigid tool.
• Overall operation time reduced.
• Hardened cutter will ensure long life of cutting edge of the blade.
• 360 degree covering of cutting teeth ensure maximum coverage for single passing of tools.
• Top connection with all standard size of SR, QL Connection.
• Customizable to meet customer requirement.
• Tools for sour service (H2S) upon customer request.