WL Releasable Overshot

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Singapore – 638985

+(65) 6265 4972

The RMZ Wireline Releasable Overshot is designed for use when the engagement of a regular pulling tool is impossible due to wear or mechanical damage to the fishing neck.
The Releasable Overshot has the advantage that, should the fish become stuck, it can be released.
Downward jarring will shear the shear pins releasing the overshot slips from
around the fish.


• Used to recover the tools with damage or without fish neck.
• Alternative to the non-releasable overshot.

Features & Benefits:

• Interchangeable slips to engage varying diameter.
• Come with standard connection.
• Bell guided bottom available on request to use in larger od.
• Adjustable core option available for varying reach.
• Customizable to meet customer requirement.
• Available in standard sucker rod, quick lock connections