WL Tungsten Filled Stem

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The RMZ Wireline Tungsten Filled Stem, sometimes called Sinker Bars, provide the mass required in wireline operations although they should not be used in operations where heavy jarring is anticipated.

Tungsten Filled Stems also enable the toolstring to ‘fall’ against the differential pressure and friction at the wireline stuffing box. Tungsten Filled Stems consist of a top sub with fishing neck and pin connection, a tube which carries the tungsten inserts and a bottom sub with box connection.

Tungsten Filled Stems are used instead of conventional stems when additional weight per foot for a given diameter is required. Tungsten Filled Stems are available in various lengths and diameters. Special sizes are available on request.


• Provide extra weight to reduce tool lift.
• Increased weight per foot make the tool string length shorter.

Features & Benefits:

• Internal mechanism prevents the moment of Tungsten.
• Available in standard lengths, diameters and connection.
• Special size and connection available on request to suit customer requirements.
• Tools for sour service (H2S) available upon customer request.

Technical Specification

1.25″ 1.187″ 1.25″ 15/16″-10 UN
1.50″ 1.375″ 1.50″ 15/16″-10 UN
1.687″ 1.375″ 1.50″ 15/16″-10 UN
1.75″ 1.375″ 1.50″ 15/16″-10 UN
1.875″ 1.75″ 1.875″ 1-1/16″-10 UN
2.125″ 1.75″ 1.875″ 1-1/16″-10 UN
2.50″ 2.312″ 2.50″ 1-9/16″-10 UN