WL Magnet

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RMZ Oilfield Engineering Pte Ltd

02 Tuas Ave 11
Singapore – 638985

+(65) 6265 4972

The RMZ Wireline Magnet is a special purpose wireline tool that is used to retrieve small magnetically attractable items such as nuts, bolts, tool parts and any ferrous debris lost within the well bore. The outer sleeve prevents debris from becoming dislodged on retrieval.


• Recovery of ferrous objects such as parted pulling tool dogs,
perforating gun debris, corrosion scale.

Features & Benefits:

• Extreme high temperature rating
• Suitable for oil & gas environments with high resistance to CO2 & H2S.
• Powerful magnetic insert ensures effective recovery of ferrous objects
• Available with range of sizes
• Come with standard connection
• Customizable to meet customer requirement.