WL Tubular Linear Jar

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RMZ Oilfield Engineering Pte Ltd

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Singapore – 638985

+(65) 6265 4972

The RMZ Wireline Tubular Linear Jar is a telescoping jar that should be run in conjunction with wireline stem installed immediately above. The linear bearings create a frictionless action, allowing full force of impact from the stem above. The Tubular Linear jar is the ideal tool for use is deviated wells. This tool has a proven record of success in wells with 65-75 degrees deviation.


• For use in high angle, deviated wells to enable a smooth bi-directional stroke to effectively carry out routine Wireline operations.
• Ideal for use during fishing operations, when the design of standard Spang. Jars could be impeded by wire, debris or other foreign matter in the tubing.
• Can be used in conjunction with the Inverted Spring Jar for improved overall friction reducing performance.

Features & Benefits:

• Reduced friction compare to other jar.
• Supplied with connection options to suit customer requirements.
• Robust design.
• Tools for sour service (H2S) available upon customer request.

Technical Specification

1.50″ 1.375″ 1.50″ 15/16″-10 UN
1.75″ 1.75” 1.875″ 1-1/16″-10 UN
1.875″ 1.75″ 1.875″ 1-1/16″-10 UN
2.125″ 1.75″ 1.875″ 1-1/16″-10 UN
2.50″ 2.312″ 2.50″ 1-9/16″-10 UN