Compact Pack Off

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The RMZ Compact Pack Off assembly is designed to seal against moving or static slick cable under pressure. Hydraulic powered piston squeeze the independent rubber element which is wrapped around the wire. The element seals on the cable against well pressure, as well as wiping the wire free of fluid. Positioned above the tubing, the cable Pack-off is built around the wire before the wireline tool is lowered into the well.


•  Quick union connections.
• Top Connection comes with funnel.
• Split rubber element


•  Used during swabbing operations as emergency barrier.
•  Hydraulic force used to apply pressure on pack off element.
•  Brass upper and lower glands ensure the wire runs central in the element.
•  Element can be replaced with cable through the pack off assembly


•  Single and Dual pack off configuration.
•  Available for wire size from 1/8” to 1/2”
•  Pressure rating available for 5,000 psi, 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi.
•  Available for sour and standard service
•  Customizable to meet customer requirement.

Technical details for equipment ordering:

•  Connection, Wire Size, Type
•  Pressuring Rating, Service, Temperature Class, Product Specification Level.

Technical Specification

4.75″-4x2AC (3.75″ SEAL) QUN 1000 1/8″ H2S SINGLE 990061214
4.75″-4x2AC (3.75″ SEAL) QUN 1000 1/2″ H2S SINGLE 990061227
4.75″-4x2AC (3.75″ SEAL) QUN 1000 1/2″ H2S DUAL 990045306
4.75″-4x2AC (3.75″ SEAL) QUN 1000 5/16″ H2S DUAL 990045421

1. All surface pressure control equipment is manufactured and certified to API6A, SI1996/913 and NACE MR-01-75 (for H2S rated equipment). This equipment comes with full certification / Documentation, Operational / maintenance Procedure, Aluminium thread protectors and is painted to client colour specification.