Hydraulic Wireline Annular Valve

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The RMZ Hydraulic Wireline Annular Valve is designed to seal on a static cable under pressure and is recommended for “Safety while Logging” applications and for perforating with large guns.

Positioned above the drilling BOP, or a “Shooting Nipple”, it offers, once rigged up, a clean bore of 6” to 6 1/2” (depending on connection type) to run a tool through. The cable and rope
socket are connected to the head before passage through the main assembly.

The RMZ Hydraulic Wireline Annular Valve seals by squeezing a split rubber element which is wrapped around the wire. This element seals on the cable outer armour against well pressure, as well as wiping the wire free of fluid.

A hydraulic hand pump is required to operate the pack-off.


•  Compact design.
• Quick union bottom connection.
• Hydraulic operated sealing elements.


•  Compactable for all wire size with minimum changes.
•  Easily re-dressable.


•  Available with all standard quick union, flange and Hammer union connection.
•  Pressure rating available for 5,000 psi, 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi.
•  Available for sour and standard service.
•  Customizable to meet customer requirement.

Technical details for equipment ordering:

•  Connection, wire size.
•  Pressuring Rating, Service, Temperature Class, Product Specification Level.

Technical Specification

6.875″-4AC (5.625″) PIN & CLR 5000 1/2″ H2S 990052923

1. All surface pressure control equipment is manufactured and certified to API6A, SI1996/913 and NACE MR-01-75 (for H2S rated equipment). This equipment comes with full certification / Documentation, Operational / maintenance Procedure, Aluminium thread protectors and is painted to client colour specification.